Written Anthony W Johnson

"Eric, a man on the brink of death is in a coma. In this state, he has three frightening, yet powerful dreams that reveal shocking truths long before he was born, enmeshing the provocative "National 'Burlesk' Theatre" and ground- breaking therapy at the "Eloise Home for the Insane" in Detroit, during the late 1920's-1940's. In his first dream, Eric chases a ghost, the legendary Colette. Colette offers him a quid pro quo; she will help him out of his coma, if he helps her move on. Unfortunately, there are many ghosts! They have their stories as well. These ghosts entwine Eric in a vicious game, as they were once children trapped at the Eloise Asylum. Eric, like Colette, in her real life, must decide what is real, what is true, and furthermore, choose whether to live or die.

Story by Anthony W. Johnson

Writer: /Director Anthony W Johnson

Co—Director Jon Philion

Executive Producers
Franco Sama, Bob Whitmore, Joe Chianese

Paul Desira, Anthony W. Johnson

 Director of Photography Michel Abramowicz (Taken)

Casting Director
Gary Zuckerbrod (Pulp Fiction)

Visual Effects Supervisor

Paul Ghezzo (Creative Director Technicolor, Emmy Westworld)

Stunt Coordinator

Peter Pedreo (Avengers, Harry Potter, Fast & Furious)

Stunt Choreographer

Morgan Benoit (Into the Badlands, 47 Ronnin, Lucifer)

1st AD

Stuart Williams (Choke, Victoria)


Alex Elena, Steve Baugman , Ian Arber,  Alessandro Alessandroni Jr.

Production Companies
Samaco Films, Laughing Man on Fire Productions, Technicolor

Elevated Thriller
(Psychological, Crime, Mystery, Revenge, Suspense, Paranormal)
Fused with
Action, Syfy, Fantasy and Film Noir




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